The Great Fleece: Dolly Tracks

In this article, I’m going to demonstrate how useful dolly tracks can be when setting up cinematic scenes in Unity using the Great Fleece assets form the Asset Store. In the clip below, I used a dolly track to create the camera animation:

What is a dolly track? A dolly path is an array of waypoints in a Scene. We use a Dolly Track to set this up. This is what it looks like in the Scene view:

As you can probably tell by the clip above, the camera follows along the path shown in this picture.

Lets get into how to set this up:

Obviously we need a virtual cam. The inspector for the cam looks like this. Change the body property to Tracked Dolly. Create a Dolly Game Object by navigating to the top and selecting “cinemachine” and chose “create dolly camera with track and drag it into the field within the body property. Now that camera is connected to that dolly.

At first it may be difficult to see, but if you check out the inspector of the dolly track you’ll see the waypoints available. At first there should be none. Create one by selecting the plus sign.

Now you should be able to see the transforms of these waypoints and be able to manipulate their positions. If you’re following along with this particular asset pack, try to set this up in a similar way. I’ve also set up a game object that the camera will look at as it rotates around Darren. You can do that too and drag that game object into the “Look At” property for that camera.

Make sure you’ve aligned the view of your virtual camera to achieve the result in the first clip at the beginning of this article and VIOLA!! The camera now follows this dolly track. There are lots of really cool things you can accomplish with something like this. It helps smooth out some of the jerkyness that happens when you manually animate a camera’s position. I hope this article was helpful! Stay tuned for the next one where I demonstrate how to add fades to the beginning and ending of your cinematic clips!



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