Now that we’ve covered mesh displacement, I want to cover Tessellation. This requires a totally different shader. Before we were using a Standard Lit shader. If you click the drop down, find LitTessellation.

“The Lit Tessellation Shader allows you to create Materials that use tessellation to provide adaptive vertex density for meshes. This means that you can render more detailed geometry without the need to create a model that contains a lot of vertices.”

Selecting this will remove your Pixel/Vertex displacement mode. Selecting that drop down will now give you the option of Tessellation.

You’re given similar sliders as Vertex displacement with a min and max value. Adjusting these will display some obvious changes.

Adjuting these values in such a way that makes sense will yield some awesome results! You dont have to have a model with a ton of vertices. You simply have to have a nice height map and viola!

Enabling the selection wire gizmo will give you an idea of what is happening with the vertices.

You dont weant to use this TOO much because it can get expensive and its only really nice for 2D objects like Planes.

I also like to use the amplitude Parameterization option. It makes the result, to me, a little cleaner.

Play around with your height map, and the values in the material to get something really awesome looking with a simple, flat object.



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