Space Shooter: Audio — Wwise Integration

Gerald Clark
3 min readJun 17, 2022


So I realized a lot of the articles I wrote in the past are still very applicable today. Using what we have learned so far with Unity’s new input system, I’m sure you can handle some of the other features such as getting thrusters to work etc etc. I want to get into audio. I’m an audio dude at heart. GFame development is something that just comes with the territory of audio design for games.

In this article I’ll go over getting Wwise synced up with your project. Wwise, if you are unfamiliar, is an audio middleware that can be used to handle all aspects of audio for your games. Its capabilities are vast. From dynamic dialog and music, to randomized footsteps with a single event. Lets get into it.


To get Wwise into your project, first you’ll need a project (this one?) and you’ll need to go to this website and download the Wwise Launcher. Wwise | Audiokinetic

Once everything is installed you’ll need to download a version of Wwise. For this demonstration and the rest of the audio tutorials for this game I’ll be using 2021.1.7.7796.

To find this you’ll open up the Wwise launcher and navigate to the Wwise tab on the left.

I know I know.. theres new releases! Theres ALWAYS NEW RELEASES! If I downloaded the new release every time one came out I’d have no hard-drive space.

The next step is to create a blank project. On the same screen, navigate to the drop down menu next to “Launch Wwise”.

This should then open up a menu where you’re asked to select a location to save your project and add and remove platforms. If you’re on a Mac, you’ll want to add Mac as a platform. The factory assets are nice, so I include them. I dont use them that much, but I’ll get into some of the functionality they have later.

When you’re all done there, your project will open with a warning saying you’re limited to 500 media assets unless you purchase a license. I will not be using 500 media assets, so its ok to close this and forget about it for now.

So now you can go back to the Wwise Launcher and go to the “Unity” tab. Here, you should see a list of all your Unity projects in your Hub. Select “Integrate Wwise into Project” under the Space Shooter game.

After that you’ll be brought to a screen with a bunch of red errors. Fear not! You just have to point everything to the right path.

Fixing those two errors will clear up a lot.

Close out of Unity and change your version to the one you installed.

In this box just browse to the destination of the wwise project you want to integrate into your project.

Then click Integrate!

Easy as that!

After a pretty decent amount of time, you should be able to open your Space Shooter project and see that Wwise has been integrated. In the next article I’ll go over some of the basics like creating an event in Wwise and making it play in Unity. Stick around! Til next time.



Gerald Clark

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