Installing the Universal Render Pipeline

Gerald Clark
2 min readSep 6, 2022


In this article I’ll cover how to get URP set up in your Unity project.

I didn’t cover this in the last article, but After you are done creating your basic room (no effects, no lights, etc). You should export that package. This will allow you to simply import the basic scene into a new Unity project without issues. I like to keep several versions of things available using Github. If you aren’t familiar with git, you should totally check it out! It makes having several versions of projects super easy.

To build the package out simply right click on the scene in the project view and click Export Package. Save it to your preferred directory, and there ya go!

I’m going to simply create a new Unity project (using 2021.3) and selecting the 3D URP template.

Once that is created, I simply import the exported package from my Built-In render pipeline version. Checkout your scene! The URP is perfect. Everything turns pink and that is all it does. Article over.


Everything is pink because the materials haven’t been upgraded to the new URP materials. Its easy to do.

Simply go up to “window” then navigate to Rendering > Rendering Pipeline Converter.

Now select the drop down menu and change it to Built In to URP.

I only select the Render Settings box and the Material Upgrade box and click “Initial Converters”. Then Convert Assets.

Now all your materials SHOULD be back to normal.


In the next article I’ll go over how to add a custom skybox in Unity. Once we knock out some of the basic stuff we can really dig in and make this scene look super cool!



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