Guide To Beautiful Games In Unity: Filebase

Welcome to a new series of articles that will cover all kinds of cool post processing effects lighting, particles, texture map manipulation, etc. At the end of this series you’ll understand the difference between the standard render pipeline, Universal Render Pipeline, and High Definition Render Pipeline.

Before I get into that I want to showcase something called Filebase. Filebase is a huge library of very high quality assets that can be used in your games. Heres a link:

Filebase for Unity — GameDevHQ

This is what I will be using to import assets into my projects. I will be making a sci-fi lab scene with the SRP, URP and HDRP pipelines. Below you can see some photos of the differences. I’ll get into how to set up workflows in these pipelines in the following articles.

HDRP Scene
URP Scene
Screen Space Reflections HDRP

I hope you get some knowledge out of these articles! I’m looking forward to documenting this journey.



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