Day 3: Branches

A really important part of remote collaboration is the concept of branching. I like to think about it like…well… a TREE! The master branch is the trunk. This is the branch that will eventually be used to release the project to the public. A common practice is to have a branch named dev that sorta of acts like the master branch, and several other branches that you merge into that branch. Lets take a look at what I mean.

Here you can see a list of branches currently available in the project by typing out git branch.

We only have master. I’m going to create a few branches now by typing git branch and then a name for the branch. So in this instance git branch dev.

Type out git branch and press enter. Now you can see a list of branches master and dev. I am still in master. It has an * next to it. To go into my dev branch, I just need to type out git checkout dev. Now I’m in dev.

For the sake of this article I have created several branches. I want to explain how to make changes to these branches and eventually have those changes exist inside of the master branch.

Here is a short video explaining how to accomplish this.



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