Altering Texture Maps

I do not own Photoshop, and I dont want to pay a monthly subscription for it only to use it every now and then for stuff like this, SO I’ll cover how to alter texture maps in GIMP!

First you need some texture maps. In filebase, any of the assets you download and import into unity should come with a texture map. I’ll be using this wall section as an example:

The wall is yellow. Kinda cool, but I wanna make it gray.

The easiest way to find the texture map is to find the game object in the hierarchy, scroll down to find the material, expand that, and find the “base map”. If you click it, it will auto find that texture map in the project view.

Right click that and click “Show in explorer”. Probably “Show in FInder” on Mac.

Now Open up GIMP. Then you simply drag this PNG into GIMP.

Now select the Color tab. Then Hue and Saturation. Simply turn the saturation of the yellow and red colors down to 0.

Go to file > Export As then save it as a PNG in the location of the other texture maps. Export it and then go back to unity.

Its there! Now all you need to do is assign this to the base map. SO drag it into the slot and VIOLA! Your wall is now gray!

So… this is kinda a cheap way to handle something like this I know. It gets the job done for this particular scenario, however. In the next article I’ll cover something a little trickier. Adjusting the emission map for the test tubes!



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