Activating Sleeping Guard Scene

You’re probably fully aware of how to activate the cutscene for the sleeping guard. There is a level collider called “Grab_Cutscene_Zone”. And it looks like this:

When Darren collides with it we need to activate the cutscene. Easy right? Just create a script, use OnTriggerEnter and you’re good to go! I needed to destroy the collider after I had the player collide with it though because my cutscene was looping over and over again. SO be sure to do that.

What I want to talk about in this article is the fact that when the cutscene plays, you see Darren grab the keycard, but you also see another Darren in the background creeping around like a weirdo. What is this? Naruto?

So in the timeline editor for the cutscene we need to create something called an Activation Track. Drag the Player game object into the slot on the activation track. We did this already for the Key Card when we made the cutscene.

You need to drag the activation track to the very end of the cutscene’s timeline.

The blue line at the very top of this shows the duration of the cutscene. We need to make sure these objects are not active during the cutscene until the very last frame. We have a fade-to-black set up at the end, so thats a perfect place to have them reactivated. Now whenever you watch the scene you wont have a Darren Clone up to no good in the background!

Another issue I was having was the camera angle getting all messed up at the end of the cutscene. All you have to do is create a new virtual cam, and add it to the timeline. Position it accordingly. Now when you exit that cutscene the camera will be in the same place as the camera you were using before the cutscene started bringing you back to a normal gameplay.

I faded my new camera into the last camera on the scene to give it a more cinematic feel without having to animate it. The final result should look something like this:




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