6 Months In

So I havent posted here much lately. Its partly because of the extreme lack of time, but its also because I’m just trying to take in as much of this chapter of life as I can.

Lately things have been going rather smoothly. My wife’s work schedule has lightened up a bit. I’ve been able to use the time shes home to work on contracts and knock out some fun audio projects with Artlist.io. Little man has become so much more…..human… if that makes sense.

He isnt just crying all the time and sleeping. Hes actually sitting up and playing with toys and making really crazy sounds at me and his mom. Hes communicating in his own special way. Its insane.

The first few months were so hard. I literally thought my life being a game developer, or audio designer, or anything other than a dad was over. I feel like this slow down of productivity has actually helped me in some ways. First of all, when I get to work on a project I make decisions a lot faster now. I have to. If I dont I’ll be working on the same thing for days in a row. Now I just go for it. I also retain information a lot better now too. Its forcing me to be more efficient at what I do and helping me slow down enough to where I can gather more information.

Things have gotten a lot easier than they were before for sure. Luca is 6 months old now. His naps have definitely decreased in length and frequency, but he is able to do things to entertain himself for a short while. I obviously cant just leave him alone while I work on things. I wouldnt want to. Hes actually really fun to be around most of the time these days.

If you’re in a similar situation, and you cant see the light at the end of the tunnel, dont worry. Things get easier. Dont forget that the light at the end of the tunnel is approaching quickly. Before you know it your baby will be grown up. Dont live every day in hopes of the next. Slow it down and just enjoy the ride.



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